Our Funding


The Arpana Foundation is a private institution. To ensure continuity in its work the Foundation depends on donations and sponsorship. The founders have pledged an annual donation so that the basis for the activities is guaranteed. For the continuation and possible expansion of the projects, the foundation is appealing for donations, regular commitments and bequests from individuals, or for donations from corporate sponsors and local, regional and national governments. The foundation is registered by Dutch law as an “ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)”, an institution that is welfare-based.

The Arpana Foundation is also open to contributions in the form of advice, knowledge and practical skills from volunteers, specialised or general.  Additional funding will be provided by letting accommodation at the reserve to selected guests.

Furthermore, the foundation encourages donors to specify how their contribution is allocated. Personal involvement is greatly appreciated.


Stichting Arpana Foundation

Schouwweg 81 F 3

NL-2243 BL, Wassenaar, The Netherlands


Tel. 0031 (0)70 5179337


Banking details on request.


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