The Arpana Foundation and Kriegershoek Nature Reserve





The Arpana Foundation and Kriegershoek Nature Reserve


The purpose of the Foundation is helping traumatized or underprivileged children by offering them a place in a caring environment, in contact with nature.


The Foundation is located in Wassenaar, the Netherlands, but operates mainly in South Africa. The home is on the Kriegershoek Nature Reserve in Aberdeen. The reserve lies hidden like an oasis in the semi-desert of the Karoo in the Eastern Cape.

Arpana is a Sanskrit word that has different meanings with a general scope of ‘offer’. The Foundation wishes Arpana – only offer, without paternalism and without insistence.


Why Africa?

Of all continents, Africa has the greatest diversity and distribution of wildlife and ecosystems that are still intact, despite the enormous pressure from human presence and centuries of change. On this continent are less species extinct than elsewhere and there are more pristine landscapes and free-flowing rivers than on any other continent. Ensuring biodiversity is important for the preservation of our natural resources.

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