Reptile List

Scientific Binomial Names: Common Names:
Agama aculeata Ground Agama
Bitis arietans Puff Adder
Chondrodactylus bibronii Bibron’s Tubercled Gecko
Dispholidus typus Boomslang
Naja nivea Cape Cobra
Pelomedusa subrufa Marsh Terrapin
Psammophylax rhombeatus Spotted Skaapsteker
Stigmochelys pardalis Leopard Tortoise
Trachylepis capensis Cape Skink
Trachylepis sulcata Western Rock Skink
Varanus albigularis Rock Monitor


11 reptile species have been recorded at the Kriegershoek Nature Reserve, including the Cape Cobra (Naja nivea) which is one of the most lethal snake species in South Africa. The scientific binomial and common English names are updated according to the “Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa” First Edition (2010).

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